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Papeete Town 

Posted by on Jul 3, 2016 in To See

Papeete is the main town on the big island of Tahiti. It is a small place of which the main areas can easily be walked around. It consists of a center with low rise buildings (nothing over 4 storys high), a freight and passenger port, and a marina for private yachts.

At the center of Papeete is a tiny yet pretty yellow Cathedral. As you go around the island you will see distance markers from Papeete which are measured from this point.

Near the Cathedral is a local market, which is a large 2 story building containing people selling all …

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Food Trucks 

Posted by on Jul 3, 2016 in To See

Papeete, and Tahiti in general is famous for its food trucks, known locally as Roulottes (which in French means something like cart).

The food trucks these days usually consist of a large truck of some kind, fitted out with all kinds of cooking equipment capable of making quite an array of food.

The trucks are not content with just selling take-away snacks to passers by, but instead setup tables and chairs in the parking lot nearby and allow people to have a full sit down meal.

In Papeete, the main place to find these things are in a little square …

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Mahana Park and Beach

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in To See

Mahana Park and Beach is just a few kilometers further down the road than the nearby PK18 beach.

What this beach has going for it is much fewer people and thus a better chance of parking. The park itself is small with lots of grass and nice palm trees providing natural shade.

On the shoreline, the beach is not sand but rather small pebbles. Good for walking around in, snorkeling or paddle boarding.

The water, like PK18 is usually crystal clear with quite a few fish.


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PK 18 Vaiava Beach

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in To See

This beach, which is known locally as PK18 because it is near the distance marker meaning 18kms from Papeete center, is pretty much the best white sand beach on the main island of Tahiti Nui.

If you’ve been to other premier beaches around the world, or even the nearby islands of Bora Bora, you would not actually consider the sand at PK18 to be white, but rather a dark brownish yellow. The reason on Tahiti Nui it is called a white sand beach is because most of the others are a dark volcanic black.

The beach is popular with locals …

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Vaipahi Gardens

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in To See

This is a place found on the south coast of Tahiti Nui. It is quite a trek from Papeete and on the way to Tahiti Iti (the small island at the back of Tahiti Nui).

It is a free tropical garden with lots of plants and trees which are named with plaques.

There is also some lakes and a river running through it. There is even a very easily accessible waterfall to see.

In order to see the whole of the park though, you will need to be an avid hiker.

There are 3 hiking trails available. A large loop, …

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Papeete Local Market

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in To See

One of the most interesting places for a tourist to visit in Papeete is the local market which is located near the center of the town in a large open plan covered area. Its a nicely designed building with lots of natural light and a second floor which only exists in the central part, leaving the two ends with a very tall ceiling.

In the market you will find a crop of local entrepreneurs selling all kinds of things. You could break down the the items available into the following categories.

1. Meat, fish, vegetables, milk and drinks
2. …

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