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Vaipahi Gardens

Vaipahi Gardens

This is a place found on the south coast of Tahiti Nui. It is quite a trek from Papeete and on the way to Tahiti Iti (the small island at the back of Tahiti Nui).

It is a free tropical garden with lots of plants and trees which are named with plaques.

There is also some lakes and a river running through it. There is even a very easily accessible waterfall to see.

In order to see the whole of the park though, you will need to be an avid hiker.

There are 3 hiking trails available. A large loop, small loop, and a river walk. Unfortunately all of these trails start quite a way up a mountain. You will have to first navigate a very steep, slippery barely marked trail in order to gain access to the main trails.

The main trails are also often not completable due to certain parts of the trail being dangerously washed away by rains or land slides. In the summer months particularly (Nov – Mar), it is not recommended to be hiking in many areas of Tahiti Nui due to the amount of rain and the slippery dangerous nature of the trails.

Many round the island tours will stop for a while at this park. If nothing else, there is a beautiful waterfall and some great bamboo.


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