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Tahiti Faa’a Airport 

Tahiti Faa’a Airport 

The main International airport for Tahiti and her islands is called FAA’A and is located in the town/area of Faa’a which is located about 10 miles west of Papeete. The main and only runway is pretty much surrounded by sea.

The airport hosts long-haul international flights from Air Tahiti Nui, Air New Zealand and Air France along with commuter planes going to the neighboring islands like Bora Bora. Some private jets and very small planes also in use.

When you land from overseas, you will be greeted by its one baggage conveyor and a passport control/immigration section with two lanes. One is for European nationals, which is pretty empty, and another one for everyone else.

Its a quiet open plan airport with no real external walls which gives it a very tropical island feel. The wild chickens in the parking lot also reinforce that feeling.

In the airport you will find various souvenir and pearl shops, a few restaurants including a mini McDonalds take away, a gadget shop which sells phone cards, and finally some car rental places from which you can rent cars at pretty steep prices.

Also of note is a Bank Socredo ATM machine, which will allow you to take out French Pacific Francs with your home debit card, provided it has one of the major bank chains like Visa, Mastercard etc.

At the back of the parking lot, is the Tahiti Airport Motel which is walk-able, but has quite a few steps up from the parking lot.

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