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Papeete Local Market

Papeete Local Market

One of the most interesting places for a tourist to visit in Papeete is the local market which is located near the center of the town in a large open plan covered area. Its a nicely designed building with lots of natural light and a second floor which only exists in the central part, leaving the two ends with a very tall ceiling.

In the market you will find a crop of local entrepreneurs selling all kinds of things. You could break down the the items available into the following categories.

1. Meat, fish, vegetables, milk and drinks
2. Traditional crafts, baskets, hats, grass skirts, ukuleles
3. Black pearls of a cheaper variety than the real pearl shops
4. Flower crafts
5. Souvenirs, oils, soaps
6. Snack food and restaurants

If you are on a budget, this is pretty much the only place you will want to shop. There is certainly no cheaper place to get a sandwich or some bananas.

On the streets around the market you will also find some of the more interesting of the local stores.



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