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PK 18 Vaiava Beach

PK 18 Vaiava Beach

This beach, which is known locally as PK18 because it is near the distance marker meaning 18kms from Papeete center, is pretty much the best white sand beach on the main island of Tahiti Nui.

If you’ve been to other premier beaches around the world, or even the nearby islands of Bora Bora, you would not actually consider the sand at PK18 to be white, but rather a dark brownish yellow. The reason on Tahiti Nui it is called a white sand beach is because most of the others are a dark volcanic black.

The beach is popular with locals has a small parking lot which is often completely full, forcing people to park in the school down the road on the left.

The conditions vary a lot depending upon the weather and tides here. On a high tide windy day, you’ll be playing in waves of misty water which quickly rise to 1.5 meters or more. On a low tide clear day, you’ll be paddling in a crystal clear lagoon with quite a few tropical, colored fish swimming around your ankles.

If you swim out further into the lagoon you’ll see many large coral formations with soft and hard coral and numerous beautiful fish.

On the sand, which can be from 2m to 20m wide, depending upon tides the locals will be having picnics, putting up tents and sunbathing with and without tops.

If you’re lucky/unlucky you may see the occasional person fishing with a spear gun, which amazingly are available in all the local supermarkets, and which appear extremely dangerous to be swimming near.



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