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Internet Access 

Internet Access 

Internet access on Tahiti is not as common as you would find in most of the world, its more of a rare luxury.

You will not find it in every single restaurant or bar that you go to, and even at the places that do have it, such as the airport, you will find that it is often charged for by the hour or day. Some hotels do offer free wifi, so pay attention when you book. On your mobile phone its also not usual and expensive.

The main and pretty much only telephone company in Tahiti is called Vini. It is such a monopoly that people often refer to their mobile phones and/or their number as their Vini.

Vini offers 3 different types of SIM card.

1. A card for voice and sms only
2. A card for 3G+ data services (internet) only
3. A card for voice, sms, and 2G data.

Most shops you go to will tell you that they are out of stock of the data cards (option 2 & 3), but eventually you might get lucky and find one that has one.

Option 1 is great for emergency use. You can get this SIM for 850 XPF which will have included about 17 mins of call time and 20 SMS messages.

Option 2 is great if you want to use the Internet and don’t care about calling anyone. You can get one of these cards for about 2000 XPF which includes a whopping 100MB of data, which might allow you to use a chat application for a few days.

Option 3 is extremely hard to find and nobody wants to sell you this card.

All options can be recharged at the supermarket, a phone shop or by calling a service number.

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