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Fast Food and Coffee 

Fast Food and Coffee 

The only fast food or coffee chain you will find in Tahiti is McDonalds. There are at least 3 on the main island of Tahiti. At the time of writing there are no KFC, no Burger King, no Starbucks, no Costa, no Taco Bell.

The McDonalds are pretty expensive with an average meal costing 1200 XPF. Amazingly enough the only branch that serves hot coffee is the McDonalds at the airport. The others just have Tea, Hot Chocolate, and the usual cold drinks.

Many restaurants and snack bars serve coffee but the most popular with the locals is the tiny Espresso cup. Coffee will cost you on average 250 – 500 XPF for a black/white coffee, latte or cappucino. You can also sometimes get an instant coffee for 100 – 200 XPF.

Local burger joints will sometimes have deals which are cheaper than McDonalds, maybe 500 – 1200 XPF. To combat this, McDonalds will sometimes have a cheap set meal of 500 – 800 XPF.

The local market in the center of town has the cheapest food on the island. You can get a chicken and chips baguette sandwich for 220 to 300 XPF.

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