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Languages Spoken 

Languages Spoken 

The official languages of Tahiti are French and Tahitian. Many people do speak English, but if you can speak French you will feel much more comfortable.

Tahitian is an interesting language and is used in particular for place names and anything to do with Polynesian culture.

Here is a list of some useful words in the Tahitian language.

o, oia – yes, correct
aita – no, not
ia ora na – good morning
mauruuru roa – thank you very much
manava – welcome
vahine – woman, wife
tane – man, husband
motu – island
moana – sea
miti – ocean
beach – tahatai
sun – mahana
ao – daytime
po – nighttime
ma’a – meal, food
fare – room, house
va’a – traditional canoe
tiki – stone sculpture

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