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There are 3 main supermarket chains operating in Tahiti. The first is Carrefour and has 4 or so very large premises on Tahiti’s main island. The second is Super U, which has quite a few locations but are usually not quite as big and fancy as Carrefour. The third, Champion, has a few small locations dotted around.

In general, the prices are fairly fixed across the chains so you won’t find any one to be any cheaper than the others, but some of them have more variety of goods than the others. According to the time of the week/month you may find one has more stock than the others.

All Tahiti supermarkets have ample free parking on site.

As Tahiti is an island far from everywhere, the supermarket food and items are pretty expensive by global standards. The only exception to this is a few items which the government subsidise because they consider them essential.

Because of subsidies the price of Baguettes (long French bread), Butter, Rice and certain vegetables are way cheaper than other items. If you want to survive in Tahiti on a budget, just buy baguettes and a big jar of Nutella and you’re set.

Apart from the 3 supermarket chains mentioned in this article, there are a few other independent one off supermarkets, the best of which is called TOAA.

In addition to food, Carrefour stocks a host of other things such as fishing rods, boogie boards, car care equipment, bbq equipment and home appliances and electronics.

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