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Money and Banking

Money and Banking

The money used in Tahiti is called the French Pacific Franc or Polynesian Franc. The notes are very colorful with beautiful pictures, and the coins are large and seem like something from the treasure chest of a sunken Spanish Galleon. The code for the currency is XPF or CPF.

The currency exchange rate is locked to the European Euro although, banks will alter that rate in order to make their service fee.

One thing to remember about this currency is that it is not transferable on world markets. You will not be able to buy any in your home country’s bank and you won’t be able to sell them back in your own country, so you have to be quite careful how you use it.

There are two main ways to get your XPF spending money. One way is to bring cash in US Dollars or Euros or UK Pounds and then exchange this in a local bank when you arrive (note: due to international money laundering regulations you will need your passport with you to be able to do this). The second way is to use your Visa / Mastercard branded debit card from your home country’s bank, and use this in the local ATM to draw out XPF.

There are 3 main banks in Tahiti. Bank of Polynesie, Bank of Tahiti, and Bank Socredo. If you want the best chance of your ATM card working and being International-friendly, use the ATM of Bank Socredo. Conveniently, there is one located right at the airport.

Some shops and businesses will accept cash in Euros, but not many. If they do, they will return you any change due in XPF currency.


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