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Car License Plates

Car License Plates

Around 1973, French Polynesia started issuing license plates for private vehicles in the form of a number followed by the letter P, for Private. e.g.

00001 P

As more and more cars were registered, the number was simply incremented sequentially. So these days, you can easily see roughly how old a car is, or whether its newer than your neighbors by comparing numbers.

Whilst you’re in Tahiti it is a lot of fun to see which is the oldest and the newest car you can spot on the islands.

It is now 2016, and the new car number plates are currently in the 233000 range, yet you can still see cars with a license plate of < 100000 running around happily, although, some are certainly on their last legs.

Second hand cars in Tahiti are quite expensive due to the limited availability. A 12 year old car can often cost more than 5000 Euros.


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